The Void

Get Published

First, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who submitted their work for our very first edition of The Void. We crushed on the submissions so much, that we’ve decided to do it again. And again, most likely. It’s quite addictive. Don’t want to sound too greedy, but we’re a bit hungry and wanna know what’s cooking on your laptops, your notebooks, and in your wildest dreams.

You can’t have the cake and eat it, so we’re craving for more of your words, visuals, shorts, pixels, glitch art, video’s and whatever floats your boat. From sweet and salty, to raw, uncut, wet and dry. We want a slice of your (he)art again. Wanna send us what you got?

Magazine cover
One of the submissions was from Haley Clark, a Chicago based visual artist. She sent us photographs. We sent them straight  to our publisher, to get the one that struck us most published on the cover.

“This picture was taken in the spring, March 2018, at the LungA School in Seyðisfjörður, East Iceland. This picture was taken at one of our post-exhibition parties. My friends Lovisa (pictured) and Amanda started dancing around the room, just the two of them. It was like watching someone dance alone in their bedroom, totally unaware of anything else that was happening. I usually carry a camera with me and that night I only took 6 photos. It was just the right feeling in the right moment. I love to document people but I never want them to feel exposed or uncomfortable so timing is usually intuitive. This was the song playing in the background.”

Wanna have your work on the cover of our next edition? Send us a picture taken after midnight; of someone, something or yourself in ~the void~ You know the drill.

Big wet poster dreams
To express the size of our love for Daan Couzijn’s Drying my tears in the cooling fan, we got it printed poster sized. If you wanna have your work hanging in people’s bedrooms too, simply slide into our DM’s with visuals that will make us sweat with excitement – or shed tears of awe.

Wanna get published, but having a writer’s block? Here’s a list of other things you can send to

  • Submit your calendar tips for Subbacultcha’s guide to endless inspiration
  • Send us your new year’s resolution
  • Write a poem about someone you love
  • Send a photo screenshot of your phone background

Don’t play the waiting game. Get your chef-d’oeuvres published and write to before 6 January with ‘get published’ in the subject line. Subbacultcha