Some things are better with three

Interview by Angela Donskaia

We care for you. And that’s exactly why we’d love to share three most loved artists for the price of one – well, kinda. A polygamous relationship with music should be standard. Hence why we’re cutting out on splitting the bill and are bundling all the synth-love in one.

What do we mean? Well, we’ve packed three one-man-artists in an airy 3-in-1-weekend-formula to get you boiling with thrills. Art Feynman, Cindy Lee and Karel’s EP release will cover your weekend desires, starting on Thursday the 8th of November till Saturday the 10th. The red thread throughout their utter uniqueness is definitely the wave of synths swirling through your speakers.

And what if cold nights seduce you into staying at home? Well, we’ve organised a little speed-date with these three special someones and popped one single question right into their inbox. We asked Patrick (Cindy Lee), Luke (Art Feynman) and Karel how they feel when they are home alone. And, which music they would fill the air with. A one-question-interview with a shot of extra luv and seraphic songs to fill your November void.

No need to leave the house. But if you cruise to the event pages, you could see this holy trinity IRL.

Cindy Lee

How do you feel when you’re home alone?
I love my room and like to be by myself. I live on a very busy noisy street so I can listen to music loud and it doesn’t bother anybody. The first 2 hours of the day are usually spent listening to the music by the windows. It feels good to be at home alone.

Cindy Lee and Latin Lovers perform at De Nieuwe Anita, 9 November. Tune in with the artist’s latest release here .

Art Feynman

How do you feel when you’re home alone?
Being at home has proven to be lots and lots of things over my 43 years on the planet. It’s very hard to say what home is like. Sometimes I’m focused and working, sometimes restless, sometimes staring blank and drinking coffee which is one of my favourites. 

Come and see Art Feynman and Jaapjaapjaap 8 November, at our own venue in De School; s105. Also, peep a teaser of some new music here.


How do you feel when you’re home alone?
I feel complete freedom. It’s something I’m consciously looking for when I’m home alone. I try to schedule one day a week for this. Then I just down a liter of coffee and start making a shitload of music. It’s also the time where I seize the moment to record some vocals – prefer not to sing when there are flatmates around. When the coffee adrenaline rush kicks in, it’s awesome to watch Seinfield or cruise through YouTube. Everything is way more funny with a load of caffeine in your body.

Come celebrate the release of Karel’s EP ‘Life’ at Garage Noord 10 November and we highly recommend you to check out a tune from it here.


Cindy Lee’s room, spending the night in solitude.