6 Antidotes for your Tuesday comedown

Cure your afterparty mellow with this soothing selection of effervescent tracks. We’ve asked our staff to share their digital prescription to slowly descend back into reality. Wash down your midweek melancholy with this comedown free pill called music. The only side effect is that you might ache for more.

Sydney, Marketing Assistant

Kara-Lis Coverdale – Ad_Renaline

To me, hangovers often bring this sense of duality. A feeling of regret bound with celebratory reminiscence (if you can remember anything in the first place). This track by Kara-Lis Coverdale is one of the most blissful yet melancholic compositions I’ve heard, invoking an overwhelming feeling of intertwined happiness and sadness. It soothes and rubs. In other words: the epitome of a hangover.

Angela, Content Creator

Autechre – Further

The glass is always half full, even when it comes to comedowns. Sometimes I love the pleasure of bathing in the post weekend melancholy. After all, you gotta balance out all the highs. I chose this track to keep the feels 50/50. A bit of a clubby aura, and a dash of darkness. This track feels as if  you’re dripping right back in and out the weekend.

Maija, Online Editor

Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Outside

No hangover here after skipping out on this year’s ADE revelries, still dipping into tracks that were made to feel good. Shakes or not, this one’s a mellow treat & gives something to look forward to this Thursday at OT301 – Jaakko Eino Kalevi live with the added bonus of Linda Fox and another chance at catching a hangover.

Leon, Founder

Low – Dancing and Blood

The electronic backing track is like your head throbbing, after one to many parties. Pulsating and repetitive. Like someone hitting you over the head with consequence.  And then the cleansing vocals. Taking you back to the start. A new beginning. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Noortje, Event Manager / Production Wizard

Shintaro Sakamoto – まともがわからない

This happy song helps to get you through the day, even after a tough weekend with almost no sleep.


How To Dress Well – Love Means Taking Action

On Thursday, How To Dress Well  transformed our cherished s105 venue into a musical anteroom – where we could have stayed forever. The effulgent effect of the visuals and music were like a slingshot right into our hearts. The afterglow of the gig still hangs in the office air. Hence we thought it’s worthy to share the magic once more through your livingroom speakers. En plus, the only action you need to take today is clicking play.