Terre Thaemlitz: Crying in the Club: A Night With DJ Sprinkles

5 x 2 Tickets
11 October
De Appel, Amsterdam

Ready for some next-level clubbing? We’re giving away tickets for a night-long conversation and DJ-set featuring Terre Thaemlitz’s underground deep house moniker DJ Sprinkles – addressing DJ-ing as a discursive act or sonic critique. Serving as a little sneak peak of the night; check out Thaemlitz reflecting on what deep house “means” on album opener Midtown 120 Intro:

‘There must be a hundred records with voice-overs asking, “What is house?” The answer is always some greeting card bullshit about “life, love, happiness….” … House is not universal. House is hyper-specific … The contexts from which the deep house sound emerged are forgotten: sexual and gender crises, transgendered sex work, black market hormones, drug and alcohol addiction, loneliness, racism, HIV, ACT-UP, Tompkins Square Park, police brutality, queer-bashing, underpayment, unemployment and censorship—all at 120 beats per minute.’

We’re giving our members the chance to win 5 x 2 tickets for ‘Terra Thaemlitz: Crying in the Club: A Night With DJ Sprinkles’, in De Appel. All you have to do is shoot us a mail at before 8 October with ‘DJSprinkles’ in the subject line, plus your full name in the mail. Not a member yet? Join here. ♥ Subbacultcha