Subbacultcha x ADE

For us, this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will be one of teamwork and unity. We’ve joined forces with our friends to offer you a streak of shows, all touching different niches in the vast world that’s called electronic music.

18 October: How To Dress Well 

How To Dress Well will start things off 18 October at our venue s105 in De School, crooning and singing his way through swirling techno-informed soundscapes. HTDW is going down a more experimental road, both in terms of sound and structure, and the results pay off big time.

19 October: Muziekgebouw aan de Ring: Die Wilde Jagd 

Together with The Rest Is Noise and De School we’re presenting Muziekgebouw aan de Ring: Die Wilde Jagd on 19 October, also at s105 in De School. The combination of progressive electronic passages and the hypnotic use of guitar, drums and vocals make the music of Die Wilde Jagd a mesmerizing and ecstatic experience. This one is going to be a real trip.

21 October: Subbacultcha x De Brakke Grond: L.A.N. BXL

As the icing on the cake we’re throwing another L.A.N. party in collaboration with De Brakke Grond and Garage Noord – mapping out the underground music scene and the artistic independence of Brussels: L.A.N. BXL. We’ve invited Liyo Gong, Ssaliva, Golin and Slagwerk DJ’s Otis, Terroriba and Quintano. Deconstructed club-bangers, internet culture and euphoria.