Fringe Festival – XYX

5 x 2 tickets
September 6, 7, 15 or 16
De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

Every year in September, Fringe Festival showcases theater and dance performances from unknown & untamed talent across 30 locations in Amsterdam. The festival defines itself as ‘an ode to theatrical madness, the independent spirit and a plea for artistic freedom’.

With these words echoing in our minds, we invite you to join us exploring the fringes of theater and dance in Amsterdam. One show that struck our minds in particular is the dance performance XYX by Moreno Perna, delving into concepts of androgyny and gender fluidity. Where XX and XY, the two sex chromosomes that distinguish a woman from a man, become fluid, XYX is formed.

We’ve got 5 x 2 tickets to XYX for one of the following dates: September 6 , 7, 15 or 16 for our beloved members. In order to win, shoot us a mail at before 31 August with the subject line ‘XYX’ and your full name in the text.