Walk Proud, Talk Proud

As the annual Pride week approaches, we join De School and Sexmatters to fill the honor of presenting a starting point for this year’s official Pride Walk 2018 with a program to follow: Walk Proud Talk Proud. Everyone is welcome to join the march that comes with a touring DJ-booth escorted by Sandrien & Carlos Valdes.

Let us paint you a picture of how Saturday, 28 July can go: Your alarm rings, reminding you it’s time to start heading to breakfast at Cafe DS. After some coffee and food that hit the spot, you gather with others at De School’s club entrance to start Walk Proud in the direction of Homomonument led by the riding DJ-booth with Sandrien & Carlos Valdes. The sun is (hopefully) out, beaming down on you as you continue to march toward Dam Square. Once you hit Vondelpark a bit past afternoon, the official opening of Pride 2018 takes full effect. Following the march and the official Pride Week opening, you return to De School for Talk Proud. This year’s theme? Safer Clubbing.

The full course of events for Saturday, 28 July:

09:00 Breakfast at Cafe DS
10:00 Gather at De School’s club entrance
10:30 Start Walk Proud towards Homomomument w/ Sandrien & Carlos Valdes
13.30 Official opening Pride 2018 in het Vondelpark
18:00 Het Terras – BBQ
20:30 Start Talk Proud

Please note that the Talk Proud panels & talks will be in Dutch. De School has invited Club Church manager Anne Rodermond, who will go in conversation with Eva Berghaus about safety, sex and the importance of having a tight subculture or community.

In addition, night mayor Shamiro van der Geld will elaborate on his mission to promote inclusivity in the Amsterdam nightlife by going in conversation with creative entrepreneur JeanPaul Paula.


Entrance is free for all. Hope to see you there  

P.S. Later that night at De School: De Zomernacht 28.07 w/ Boris, Tijana T, Carlos Valdes & TITIA