10 Years of Losing Our Edge

This September marks the 10-year anniversary of our magazine! Jot down 14 September in your calendars, ‘cause we’ll be celebrating big-time.

Having started as an unruly music publication with a DIY flair, then growing into a quarterly music magazine bigger in size and ambition, the magazine has always played a pivotal role in what we see as the Subbacultcha community – a network of off-beat musicians and artists, and their avid supporters.

We lost the exclamation mark behind the title, but the core-ideas we stand behind – independence and nonconformity – have remained intact throughout our 10-year legacy of issues. With this anniversary we’re celebrating 10 years of colorful portraits, painted by exclusive interviews and visuals. By featuring artists from all over the globe, recruiting local photographers for interviews and editorials, and allowing members to express themselves in our publication, the Subbacultcha community evolved into what it is today.

With that being said, we’re celebrating 10 years of a publication that in our eyes is truly special, chiefly due to our dearest members. How can one do a celebration for an anniversary like this justice?

Step one: release a special anniversary issue of the magazine.
Step two: throw a big anniversary party.

You are cordially invited to Garage Noord on 14 September for a massive celebration with us.