FIBER x Garage Noord: Audiovisual Cultures

The micro FIBER festival edition is a meeting spot for lovers and creators of art, audiovisual art, electronic music and digital culture.

‘Audiovisual Cultures’ brings together audiovisual artists and musicians to lay the course between spaces of electronic music, light and the moving image. On top of an incredible line up that’ll navigate your through intimate shows and club scenarios, there’ll be interviews with a number of the artists will kick off the evening. As for dinner plans, you don’t have to worry about going hungry; You can always grab drinks for the bar, plus Garage Noord will have the grill fired up for serving food from the BBQ. We don’t know about you, but we’re just about ready to dive into the fiberspace. Attend here.

SOLARIS [Institut fuer Zukunft] – DJ
A Made Up Sound [Delsin Records / Clone Records] – DJ
Ekman [Bedouin / Trilogy Tapes / Berceuse Heroique] – Live
Nikki Hock & Loma Doom – Live A/V
cosmox [The Crave] – DJ

Visual Artists:
Leeza Pritychenko (live visuals)
Heleen Blanken (Performance with A Made Up Sound)
Mark IJzerman (live visuals)