Grand Prix

Interview by Valkan Dechev
Photography by Sarah Michelle Riisager in Copenhagen, Denmark

Grand Prix, the Copenhagen-based artist Bastian Emil, might just be the modern hero we’ve been waiting for. Oscillating between victory and defeat, fear and bravery, Grand Prix’s synth-pop tunes and Olympic sports aesthetic possess a futuristic charisma with a touch of ancient Greece. With an upcoming singles-only album and enchanting visuals to accompany it, Grand Prix is the one-man show spreading grandeur and beauty infused with pain and a pinch of twisted love.

How was your weekend?

Busy! Yesterday I was providing live commentary on cycling race. I’m really into cycling and that was great fun.

Amazing! What else gets you excited? What got you out of bed this morning?

For a long time, I had a really hard time getting out of bed. Lately, I have been thinking about what Achilles or other Greek heroes would do if they felt like lying in bed. I think it’s good to keep yourself busy, especially if your life has so little structure.

Speaking of heroes and battling, is there something you fear at this moment?

I want to leave my mark and not be forgotten, so I think I am fearful of not being able to do that.