The Taste Of Orpheu The Wizard

Red Light Radio co-founder Orpheu the Wizard’s been spreading musical joy through many means, on air, behind decks at festivals and parties, you name it. He’s hooking up with Jäger Music and Red Light Radio to throw down a club night brimming with fresh & famed artists. Jäger Music’s The Taste Of-series is dedicated to Dutch artists, giving them the green to curate a night of what’s good to their ears and share it with others. With Legowelt, Ron Morelli, Suzanne Kraft & Johnny Nash present Za Talent, Phaser Boys and the man of the night himself on the bill, we’re looking at some serious business.

Amsterdam-based Orpheu the Wizard’s been playing offbeat sets for time without end, pleasing people right and left and The Taste of Orpheu the Wizard would be rank without his own beats thrown in the mix. Get the feels for it here, and when you’re done you can move onto Legowelt, the unparalleled producer from The Hague. Bunker, Clone, Crème and Ghostly are some of the labels his richly analogue sound’s surfaced on, not to forget about his own Strange Life Records label. Meanwhile across the pond, Ron Morelli’s Brooklyn-based Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.) label has been taking on grainy house and techno, which we’re expecting to breathe in during the night.

When label mates Suzanne Kraft and Jonny Nash get together, you can’t help but expect an explosion of surprising undertakes on ambient, new age soundscapes. The dynamic duo bring forth a sound that generates a journey through a calm yet intensely transcendental space, and their new project Za Talent, scheduled to drop 27 June via Australian label Animals Dancing, perfectly fits that tendency of theirs. With two fresh tracks out – Telex & The Whale – Kraft and Nash exude addictive glitches and hooky melodies, making us wish for more. Luckily, our dreams come true sooner than we deserve.

And if Za Talent got you excited, you gotta hold on to your hats for this one. Phaserboys fly in from the Dusseldorf scene, embodying seriously good, new generation vibes. These boys are in for the kill, offering spinning screwball records, eccentric funk and unforgettable freakbeats.

So there you go, sitting this one out seems like a wreckless thing to do. Pencil in Friday, 29 June at Atelier, Amsterdam. Entrance is free for all, RSVP is obligatory. Because we’re expecting a full house, Subbacultcha members get guaranteed entrance. Send us a mail at with your full name included in the text before Thursday, 28 June to reserve your spot.