PREMIERE: Bichkraft – Didn’t Know / бичкрафтк

We are very excited (!) to introduce you to Bichkraft. The Ukrainian youngsters release their debut record Mascot on Wharf Cat Records today.

They’ve got us hooked with their first video, Didn’t Know, showing a rather glitchy account of their live show. The slow, monotonous vocals drone over a nervous drum beat, building up into one single, endless, repetitive riff. They are perhaps a little lacklustre in their delivery, but the lyrics actually quite poetically speak of love and decay against a background of greater uncertainties, looming in the band’s hometown Kiev.

And yeah, no, we asked, but no one knows what Bichkraft means.

Mascot is out on NY label Wharf Cat Records, who we know and <3 from their previous releases such as one of last year’s favourites, the magically dark In the Reaper’s Quarters by The Ukiah Drag, and more recently the wavy pop of Jeff Zager’s Still / Alive.