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Kraak Festival

The line-up promises to be a lavish bath of avant-garde, the common denominator being a deeply felt nonconformity in methods and outcomes. To get a laid-back full scope on the line-up, check out Kraak’s Neus van God podcast or their online zine The Avant-Guardian. For now, here are a couple of performances that aren’t to be missed.


Text by Mathias Dhondt

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Kraus (NZ)

This icon from New-Zealand once claimed to make music for all those feeling weird, outcast or otherwise freaky. He now lands on our continent for the first time ever. Kraus’ sounds have often been described as a soulful blend of Joe Meek, Can and Moondog. Drawing on inspirations from medieval, electronic and traditional Japanese music, it’s not hard to figure out why his music sounds so utterly out-of-this-world.

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Áine O’Dwyer & 2e Adem (IR/BE)

O’Dwyer’s music takes you back to a misty meadow where time stood still for ages, spiced up by her own meditations on contemporary culture. Music for Church Cleaners is one of her most prominent works and exemplary of this style. She played organ in a church, turning the sounds of the cleaners working there into transcendent background noise. Day one fans of Áine O’Dwyer will be delighted to know she will be performing with a choir for the first time, supported by the Ghent-based 2e Adem.

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Bryan Lewis Saunders & Razen (US/BE)

You probably already know Saunders from his work Under the Influence, his series of drawings. Locking himself up for an incredible number of days, he made self-portraits on every drug he could get his hands on. Subsequently, this deep web crusader of the human condition has since then taken off in the edgy realm of stand-up tragedy, documenting his own life vigorously. Enforced by Razen’s hypnotizing tribal riffs, he will surely move you towards a grungy catharsis.

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Rodion G.A (RO)

Last on our list, but certainly not the least in sonical extravaganza is Rodion G.A. Undoubtedly a visionary, he changed the scene of Romanian pop culture with unheard experimental music in the seventies using synths, tapes and a vast collection of electronica. For a while he was off the scene’s grid, but his music got rebooted by Strut Records and now he is on what might be one of his last tours. After being zoned out by all the sweet, dark, and throbbing drones at Kraak Festival, clearly the kind of vibe to get your hips moving on.

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