April Recommendations

Music: The 90s Button

Thought you’d already fully mastered the art of procrastination? Think again! This website will take your game to a whole new level. Unleash heaven just by clicking on David Hasselhoff and the two pups he’s holding on the rainbow-coloured homepage. What you get is an insane and seemingly endless stream of ’90ss hits and videos. From Ini Kamoze and French Affair to MC Hammer and Tag Team: no matter where you are, if there’s an internet connection you’ll be having a dance-off in no time.

Music: Origami Classics


What do you usually do on a Sunday afternoon? Once in a while you might want to change that slovenly habit of hanging around in your PJs. Together with Origami Music, Beursschouwburg presents four afternoons of classical music, freeing it from the pomp and formality that usually surrounds it. So don’t worry: there won’t be any tuxedos or grannies acting all up tight. This time, on 27 April, it’s all about the Russians. Composer, orchestra director and Royal Music Conservatory professor Michel Lysight will be your guide for this Sunday afternoon delight. 

Music: Honneur de la Police


Young Girls Records has set up a new cassette label with the bemusing name Honneur de la Police. The artwork is provided by Hendrik Hegray, aka Popol Gluant, who runs the Frederic Magazine and Nazi Knife publication. For now, the catalogue counts three tapes: Carrageenan’s minimal soundscapes full of clangs and bangs; Lyon-based Sylvia Monnier’s slowly unfolding, gentle ambient music; and Zaraz Wam Zagram’s noise for late-night encounters in shabby basements. To celebrate all this, there’s a great mixtape up on Mixcloud.

Food: Hangover Heroes


Burger, Coke or candy: whatever it takes to get rid of that splitting headache after yesterday’s crazy party night, the Hangover Heroes will bring it to you, stat. You just stay in bed with the blinds closed and call, text or mail these guys. You’ve only got to manage to open the door once they arrive. Yes, it kind of is a miracle. There’s only one catch: for now, only the people calling Ghent their hometown will be lucky enough to benefit from this service.

Art + Music: Geran Knol


Meet Geran Knol. He’s an illustrator and musician who lives in Antwerp but was born in the Netherlands. As an illustrator, his creations feature strange little human-like figures in interesting compositions and collages. He’s got other projects going on too, like the music he makes under the pseudonym Oval Angle and the collaborative collective he co-founded with Bloeme van Bon, called Park Pardon. These two crazy Dutchmen make innovative and exciting material that’s definitely worth a look.

Art: Hectoliter


Hectoliter is a fresh and funky art gallery in Brussels, exhibiting since 2009. Their latest exposition featured Leon Sandler’s mystifying works in Surrender by Force. There’s also a Hecto shop in which they sell loads of fun artsy goodies by artists associated with the gallery. Modern works and ways of art created by young talent: what more do you want when wandering through the streets of Brussels?

Fashion: A Cut Above


The Belgian media is finally waking up to one of our best-kept secrets: A Cut Above. This men’s street-wear brand was founded in 2012 by partners in crime An-Josefien Falelavaki and Robin De Flo. They ‘make clothes they would wear themselves’.  Being based in Antwerp, it’s logical that they draw inspiration from that city’s fashion heritage and the diverse subcultures and nightlife found there. The collections are sporty, sometimes raw but always classy and predominantly black and white. Above all, everything fits like a glove! Growing fast and living fiercely, the duo just opened their first flagship store in Antwerp. From now on their star can only rise.

Venue: Studio Zaterdag


It’s an art gallery, a showroom and an occasional restaurant. On Saturdays at this cosy Antwerp spot, a super friendly and nice Dutch-German girl, a former fashion student, will treat you like a king. For the meal and drinks you pay how much it was worth to you, but do know this sweetie puts loads of effort and care into everything she does and cooks. Go say hi!