Lust For Youth

Although Swedish Sacred Bones duo Lust For Youth originally comes from Gothenburg, Hannes Norrvide’s confronting lo-fi synth-pop has become a staple of Copenhagen’s burgeoning punk scene. We caught up with the man behind the synth for a brief chat about opinions, the ideal remix and chasing the light.

Interview by Nina Strebelle

Photos by Hannes Norrvide

Whose opinions regarding your music do you value the most?
My own first of all, then everyone else’s opinions are equal. I get really happy when someone I don’t know comes up to me and says they like to listen to my music when they have sex.


Despite Loke (Vår/ Posh Isolation) mostly being a live contributor, how does his presence influence the songwriting and recording process?
I never thought of this and I don’t think I can answer it either. But of course it has, everyone I know influences me in some way.


Does the crowd’s attitude affects your live performance?
Their response is necessary for the performance, but whether it’s good or bad doesn’t really matter. Some of our worst shows have been my favorite ones.



Which do you enjoy more: remixing someone else’s track or having your own track worked on?
Both processes are too different from each other for me to choose one. I’m very happy with the first and only remix I ever tried to do and I was very excited to get Anthony Naples’s remix of my song, I really liked both of these processes.


What is one song you’d love to remix?
Mitt Hjärta Blöder by Veronica Maggio.


And if you could have one of your tracks remixed by anyone, who would you pick?
Rebecca & Fiona.


What’s the best kind of light?
Bright sunlight during cold winter days.


Lust For Youth play Madame Moustache, Brussels on 2 November, with Bierges ft. Kadoyi as support. The show is free for members.