New Music | E+E


E+E equals American wanderer in the absolute Elijah Crampton. Having started on a hypnagogic trip in the final years of the last decade, Crampton then ascended to a higher plane of existence, where he was blessed with a unique perspective on the lowly holiness of the Human. His sonic signatures are booming voices proclaiming E, E and Golgotha, the forward rush of vehicles, lasers, and other violences, and the flushing of toilets.

His material truth is threefold: firstly, vocal tracks gently lifted fully formed from the jewellery boxes of pop and R&B vocal craft – a capellas, snatches of Bieber and Knowles; secondly, the sublime harmonisations of the deepest twentieth-century classical and new age tones; thirdly, the slow, friendly swaying of South American cumbia grooves.

Like Raphael’s Transfiguration, E+E rarely touches the ground with a regular beat, instead these elements are entwined weightlessly, sucking us through a heavenly sewer at breakneck speed or letting us float in the presence, shafts of blue and gold light cracking the abyss. His music is distributed haphazardly throughout the Internet, but highlights include the Smile EP on Bandcamp and the most recent Soundcloud tracks. Download and find out what the next and strangest step in the Maus-How-to-Dress-Well-Ferraro-Autre-Ne-Veut sequence is.