New Music | Karmelloz


Karmelloz has been rapidly developing his niche online as a producer of notable and disquieting imagination. Starting, like so many artists, with drum machines and samples, Karmelloz nurtures a curious and increasingly recognizable atmosphere, the scarcely explicable mystique of which emanates from somewhere deep within its deceptively sluggish rhythms and unpredictable juxtapositions.

Like a slowly burgeoning bacterial culture feasting silently on nutrients under warm illumination, Karmelloz’ releases have been steadily growing in power and distinctiveness with each test. He engineers robo-percussive tools and armatures to work alongside nascent organic matter, swelling ectogenetically behind high-security fibreglass filtration. His earlier collections, Beauty, Resident Evil and Feel Better, show a flair for subtle yet surprising ambient beat-making, with highlights including Beauty’s UV-fried Lexus, Resident Evil’s Safe Room, Feel Better’s Broken Soul and the standout percussion skirmish Jungle, also of Feel Better. On later releases, however, such as ArchaiC and KarmellOz we find him very confident in a new and dangerous strain of weirdness. The latter release’s Grls and Lawofattraction show a combination of creativity and veiled malice that can only draw you in deeper.