Robin van Maaren

There’s a great exhibition coming up in April at our project space. Our featured artist this month, Robin van Maaren, has created quite a name for himself after releasing several interesting social-phenomena inspired pieces and being involved in the Global Village exhibition in Alkmaar. Since 2010, Robin has been discussing the theme of the lower class and lower middle class living in a suburban setting through his artwork. His heavily coloured compositions usually include painting, drawing, text and collages which commonly seem to have a pre-conceived message or theme. His main focus is in what role the niches and edges of society play. Robins layered work usually has an ironic or controversial notion which can be symbolic in many different ways depending on the viewer. This creates a raw feeling that goes nicely with this months uncomfortable issue. A selection of Robins work will be able to be viewed for the whole month in our project space.

The opening will take place on Thursday April 5 from 17:30 until 21:00 at the Subbacultcha office. Free food and fresh Warsteiner for all. If you would like to attend the opening you can RSVP by sending an e-mail to: rsvp@subbacultcha.nl.

Exhibition: Outskirts
April 9-26
Every Monday till Thursday from 11:00 till 17:00
Da Costakade 150, Amsterdam
Free entrance