Sunday Afternoon w/ Rendez-vous & Gunnar Gunnsteinsson (live)

1 July - Garage Noord, Amsterdam
16.00 - €8 - Free for members

If you’ve been at a Rendez-vous party, you know the Amsterdam DJ duo never fails to slay the dancefloor.

But if you haven’t sweated your life out to their beats yet, we’ve schemed a killer plan for you. Close your eyes and imagine this – you’re sipping an ice-cold beer on a sunny afternoon while almost tasting the sizzle of food on the BBQ, accompanied by groovy tunes that do the weirdest magic to your body. We don’t even know why we made you close your eyes since this irresistible dream becomes real life sooner than you’d expect – 1 July – setting the month off to a damn good start. And if BBQ-ing to Rendez-vous isn’t enough of a heart-melting combination for you, we’ve got Gunnar Gunnsteinsson joining the bill with transcendental tunes, which will complete the bliss that the afternoon promises to be.


Gunnar Gunnsteinsson