Lorenzo Senni + Theo Burt

28 February - De School, Amsterdam
20.00 - €12 - Free for members

The Italian producer Lorenzo Senni has remained loyal to the sound of and rave culture of the 90’s. On his latest album, Persona, his highly acclaimed debut on Warp Records, he presents a hyper lucid reminder of a time before trance and makina were diluted down into progressive house. Persona deconstructs dance music’s mechanisms and working parts, it dances along the blade of his Roland JP8000 Supersaws, pruning minimalist gestures and hooks into effortless pirouettes and abrupt jump-cuts that subvert upward linearity in favour of a deferred sense of gratification learnt from straight edge subculture. The idea of“buildup” found in euphoric dance music is taken as a starting point to make a non-uplifting, more introspective piece that implicitly preserves its emotional tension and drama. 

Having lived many lives and failed to settle in any, Theo Burt’s work is the bastard offspring of the mainstream, the academic, the underground and the outsider. His live sets drift between brutal chaos and instense abstract euphoria.

Lorenzo Senni

Theo Burt