Cancelled: De Zomerdag

16 July - De School, Amsterdam
14.00 - €12 - Free for members

Unfortunately this week’s edition of De Zomerdag has been cancelled. See you next Sunday at De Zomerdag w/ Lamellen 

Secrecy and a spur of the moment spirit play a big role in it all; As a conscious decision to inspire spontaneous nightlife, De School will drop names out of the blue as we go on using various social media outlets. We have something juicy lined up, but that’s something for us to know and for you to find out about… in the very near future.

Round two of our Sunday revelries, which we’ve put together with the lovelies from De School: De Zomerdag. A concept which previously focused on Friday and Saturday summer nights, this year De Zomerdag beams in on the day of rest for eight consecutive weeks, lighting up De School’s garden and upstairs venue (Het Muzieklokaal) with live acts and DJs.