Better Person + Svper

10 June - Goethe-Institut, Amsterdam
21.00 - €8 - Free for members

Berlin-based artist Adam Byczkowski performs under the moniker Better Person, crafting 80s-style lite balladry that hearkens back to Sade and Careless Whispers-era Wham. Byczkowski’s raw talent, sentiment and vulnerability dream up alluring serenades, synchronously sweet and sleek. Better Person’s debut, It’s Only You, was released in February via Mansions and Millions; the EP was well received and much appreciated by peers and fans alike. Subsequent to legal issues when identifying themselves as Pegasvs, the eerie-pop electronic duo Sergio Perez and Luciana Della Villa became Svper, but not before releasing a self-titled debut LP as Pegasvs on the Spanish label Canada in 2012 😉

Better Person