Phedre – In Decay

Music // Video

This is the official video for Phèdre's latest single 'In Decay'. The American avant pop - group are releasing their

Dustin Wong – Pink Diamond

Music // Video

Thrill Jockey Records released this colourful and geometrical video for Dustin Wong's 'Pink Diamond'. The experimental ex-Ponytail guitarist is playing


Mp3 Of The Day – Blouse

Music // Audio

BLOUSE - TIME TRAVEL Dreamy and driving pop trio Blouse are playing a Subbacultcha! show in OT301 this Thursday. Listen to 'Timetravel',


Mp3 Of The Day – Lafidki

Music // Audio

LAFIDKI - SIEGFRIED AND ARTEMIS IS DIANE Lafidki is a Paris/Nancy based electronic musician from Cambodia, who creates repetitive drones and soundscapes