Eyeshadow: Donnie Darko & Jo Goes Hunting

5 X 2 Tickets
Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam
Saturday, 29 April

Music and movies are often interwoven. Eyeshadow in Eye shows this as no other; a modern day classic followed by a striking performance. This month: Donnie Darko, a movie you’ve probably seen as a youngin’ and still gives you the chills if you dare to think about it. Jo Goes Hunting‘ll perform beautiful indierock afterwards. ENJOY <3.

Setup for the evening: Donnie Darko starts at 21.30, you can get cozy, but be aware: the movie’ll have you shook. Afterwards, have a chat about the movie with a beer or whatever drink you prefer. You’ll dream your night away with Jo Goes Hunting starting right after.

Be quick and shoot a mail to with ‘Donnie & Jo’ in the subject line and you might win a pair of tickets.