Meanwhile at SEXYLAND

Text Yoeri Wegman
Photos shot by Xiaoxiao Xu

Ready to get raunchy in Amsterdam North-side’s newest baby? We present to you: Societëit SEXYLAND. SEXYLAND will be open for the next 365 days, with a different organizer running the shack every single day. The best part? You can too. One day it could be a spot for your lil’ brother and sister to do their homework, the next it could be a swingers club for your parents’ naughty fantasies. We went by to chat with initiator Aukje Dekker, from the Eddie the Eagle Museum collective. Our impression? One word: sensational.

The ongoing changes at NDSM have turned what was a playground of stones and sand to a strip mall for big corporations. Until now. Thanks to Kim Tuin, the new director of NDSM, SEXYLAND exists as an anti-change, For Us, By Us establishment (not to be confused with the brand FUBU tho). Long story short, SEXYLAND is nothing like any of Amsterdam’s typical clubs.

Walking up to SEXYLAND for our Saturday afternoon meeting, three tourists noticed the big and colourful sign: ‘Is this a stripclub?’, they ask. The thing is: that day it wasn’t, but it could be, if you want it to be. That night, Rotjoch (101Barz) was playing host, a week before that local hero Bonne Reijn presented two of his favorite bands. Then there was this guy giving tennis lessons and there’ll be a night dedicated to saving coral by Greenpeace. You get the idea – everything’s possible here.

So how is SEXYLAND going to build a legacy on the ever-changing NDSM in 365 days? With your help. And yours. And yeah, yours too love! Everyone that hosts a night there, and everyone who shows up, participates in the legacy of SEXYLAND. We will too, FYI: don’t miss out on our Spring Magazine release party at SEXYLAND on 3 March. We’ll make sure it’s one of the most unforgettable nights of the 365 <3.

We’re throwing our Spring Issue Magazine Release Party at Sexyland tomorrow, 3 March at Amsterdam’s NDSM ft. Délage and the Togetherness, Musique Chienne + Piyojo.