Exoot – Tropical Healing

5 X 2 Tickets
Wednesday, 19 April
Galerie Vriend van Bavink

Ever heard of cannibalism bein’ an extreme way to cope with ‘The Other’? EXOOT – Tropical Healing builds on this idea, an exhibition and show about reconquerin’ our exotic selves and cannibalism as a healing strategy for dealing with The Other. Beneficial therapy for the watered down identities of world citizens.

Visual artist Jan Brokof transforms the Vriend van Bavink Gallery in Amsterdam into a theatrical installation; a pool paradise where tropic iconography’s recycled. Think: coconut juice, hummingbirds, helicopters, buzzing air conditioning units, Brazilian wax and palm trees.

Directed by Joachim Robbrecht, De Warme Winkel actor Ward Weemhoff and Brazilian actress Mariana Senne dos Santos play continents in love, searching for an uninhabited island where they can start a new life.

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Imagery by Sofie Knijff