We Visit You

Meanwhile at WORM

Text Roxy Merrell
Photos shot by Florian Braakman

They call themselves the institute for avant-garde recreation: WORM is Rotterdam’s ever-growing, multi-setting, 2000m² space for all things experimental. Boasting an energy-generating dance floor, OV chip hackathons for 65+ers and The Young Petanque Club, they got it all. Programmer Frédéric Van de Velde let us in on a few highlights you really cannot be missing out on.


The hub of it all: WORM central station. The main venue where shows, screenings, talk shows and workshops take place. Also featuring a doorway to new theatre space, UBIK. Located on Witte de Withstraat, WORM aspires to remain just off the radar, to draw the right crowd. Inspired by DIY and recycling culture, pretty much all of WORM’s interior is made of salvaged material – toilets made of water reservoirs, floors from second hand Fortis Bank desks, concert hall walls consist of many plane windows, seats from old NS trains.


Get ready for your departure from the commercial street and kick off into the out-there world of #Wunderbar. Its mission is just that – to bridge the gap. Targeted at ‘the low brow stuff’, where anything and everything that catches their interest can be given a stage, and willing audiences are invited, free of charge, to give it a go. It’s East-German inspired, as Frederic so beautifully put it – ‘less Berlin, more Apres-Ski’.

The WORM Pirate Bay

A physical space to watch and duplicate WORM’s archives of avant-garde media. One part epic collection of avant-garde makers and cult video store, and one part obscure radio plays, records and books they made themselves. And then there’s The Display (by Amy Suo Wu). A pink-fur bunk-bed-cupboard hybrid you’re welcome to crawl in and plug into said media on a personal display. But while you watch, you’re being watched – the glass wall shows all. ‘It’s a physical reaction to the public prostitution of self on social media’. Very meta.

Performance Bar

Come drink beer at this bar run by performers, who close the bar sporadically throughout the night for – you guessed it – short and strange performances. Beat boxing. Strip tease. Body painting. Weird singing. Bands. The best part? They’re always searching for new experimental performers. So what are you waiting for?

Omni + Korfbal play De Nieuwe Anita on 11 FEB  & #Wunderbar on 12 FEB. See you there <3