Fai Baba & Floris Bates at Patronaat

2 x 2 tickets
Fai Baba + Floris Bates
Patronaat, Haarlem
Wednesday, 7 December

New York via Switzerland based Fabian Sigmund goes by the pseudonym of Fai Baba. It’s been four days since the release of his latest, Sad and Horny dropped on A Tree in a Field label. What we’re looking at here is a little bit of psych with a little bit of folk in a pop setting. On Wednesday, 7 December, Fai Baba takes on Haarlem’s Patronaat venue with offbeat pop loverboy Floris Bates supporting the night.

We’ve teamed up with the good people at Patronaat to gift you, our dear members, with a pair of tickets for the occasion. In order to win, shoot us a mail at with the word ‘Baba’ in the subject line, no later than Monday, 5 December.