Premiere: Lemon – What Are We Waiting For?

Amsterdam OGs Lemon have been dropping a steady stream of highly melodic psychedelic pop since the 90s, leaving a trail of swooning hearts and rapturous new converts in their sweat-soaked wake. A favourite among local scene connoisseurs and generally enlightened humans, their infectious, hard-working live sets are a sight to behold, and they go some way toward capturing that energy via the lysergically warped, uncannily political visuals for new tune ‘What Are We Waiting For?’. It’s an unapologetically sincere call to action, and one that has me churning out the words you’re reading with gritted teeth and feverish intensity… suffice to say my keyboard’s taking a beating. In any case: when life gives you Lemon, you mark your calendar for the release of their upcoming EP 3 Songs of Confusion and Hope, out just before Christmas. It’s the ideal gift for discerning guitar pop patrons and citrus enthusiasts alike. Well?? What are you waiting for??