New Music: February Part I

by Zofia Ciechowska


Not much is known about Twigs, the alias of young London-based R&B songstress Tahliah Barnett. Internet anonymity may be part of the package, but the hype around her is constantly rising with her staggered release of four impeccably sexy tracks that will quite literally make your clothes melt with Barnett’s stunningly soft vocals and throttling rhythms. For the moment you can stalk the hell out of her on Instagram, where her feed often features a cute white bunny…



Get a load of these big, scary monolithic slabs of bleak-as-fuck industrial electronica from these Blackest Ever Black-signed Londoners. Tom Halstead and Joe Andrews are riding a similar wave of brainy angst as other dancefloor-fearing Eeyores who have ‘hit the big time’ recently: think Andy Stott, The Haxan Cloak and Lee Gamble. Murky echoes of dub, techno, goth, metal and even field recording sound art are compressed into neat little capsules of misery and despair. Lovely, exciting and inspiring misery and despair, that is. That you can dance to.


Mozart’s Sister

So, what was Mozart’s sister called again? We couldn’t care less now that Caila Thompson-Hannant has rocked up on our music radar all the way from Montreal. Hush your mouth before you whine out the clichés of being a female musician and living in Montreal: this bright young thing is something else. With the liveliest of voices to accompany her homemade electro-pop beats and Len Lye-inspired video, Mozart’s Sister is the real deal. With a few tracks lurking around the internet dating all the way back to 2011, we’re excited to see what this year has in store for Caila. Rumours of a full-length album abound.