27 Mar 2013

+ MAAN, Ignatz and DJ Kristy Fenton
OT301, Amsterdam
20.30 | €8 | Free for Subbacultcha! members

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Holly Herndon is all about blurring the boundaries between man and machine. The Tennessee native and lifelong choir singer lived in Berlin for years, where she was immersed in that city’s bustling club culture but also made an aborted attempt to master a ‘real instrument’ (the contrabass) in order to be taken more seriously as a composer. She returned to the US to study Electronic Music & Recording Media at Mill’s College, and being surrounded by students treating laptops as legitimate instruments inspired her to forgo ‘real instruments’ for good. On her 2012 debut, Movement, she manipulates her own crystalline voice with the precision of an ice sculptor, breaking it into chunks or crushing it into bits before carefully arranging it amidst chilly electronic soundscapes.


Holly Herndon: