Festival Focus


Mind-boggling performances, expansive sounds from overseas, theatre extravaganzas and historical dress-up parties. Elusive film screenings, captivating poetry, meandering individuals and mouthwatering meals. We’ve only began to scratch the surface. Eighteen days of Scheld’apen in its full glory devoted entirely to the celebration of art in every sense of the word. These three amazing nights can’t be missed…

1. Bruismelk Festival on 15 September

Bruismelk is the annual festival organised by visual artist, musician and radio host Dennis Tyfus aka Ultra Eczema. Expect un- compromising live performances by Ashley Paul, Coolhaven, Eli Keszler and lots more.

2. Hare Akedod III on 19 September

Masters of contemporary psychedelia collide in this latest Hare Akedod special. Ancient Ocean and Expo 70 are both exciting exemplars of drone, improv and Eastern-inspired soundscapes. Expo 70 in particular have released some beautiful and mesmeric 12 inches in recent times. Then there’s French act Sunny Dunes, adding dreamy soundscapes and more lightly melodic drones.

3. FINAL PARTY on 22 September

Expect nothing but eleven acts on this final bill of Festivaaalllaallal ft. free jazz combo Sheldon Siegel, Antwerp synth wave performer Stacks, audio-visual artist Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier and so much more.

We’re giving away 5×2 tickets for Festivaaalllaallal. Send ‘scheldoape’ to info@scheldapen.be and maybe you’ll be the lucky one.